Project Example
The wall should be strong and flat, surface be smooth. The wall should be waxed / printed. Wall should be clean and dry, if the tiling has to be done on plywood the surface of wall should be sealed with 50% volume mixture of PVA and water.
Apply a high quality ceramic adhesive on the wall and place the first tiles on the corner. Apply even pressure on the four corners of tiles to ensure adhesion of tiles to substrate. Cover the Area of wall that can be done without cutting tiles and leave it for at least 12 hours. Cover the rest of area with measured and cut tiles as per requirement.
After 24 Hours of Laying of tiles, the grouting is done. Always use good quality grout. Apply the grout diagonally between the tiles using a sponge to fill the gaps between the tiles, Fill the joints with grouts as directed by Grout manufactures, Clean and wipe the surplus grout with a sponge, or as indicated by manufactures.
To fill the around the curve surface of wash basin etc. measure and mark the curve on cardboard and place the cardboard on the tile to cut it.